Dr Ritwik Pandey


Dr Pandey’s move to Cairns was driven by his belief that regional areas are deserving of the same level of medical expertise found in larger metropolitan locations.  He finds working in smaller, regional centres very rewarding as his patients are able to access expert clinical care without the need to travel. Dr Pandey quickly recognised the region’s significant need to have a private oncology service to provide patients with expert care and support without the need to travel to southern treatment centres.  By establishing Response Oncology, Dr Pandey and his partners are able to provide closer supervision to patients and more effectively monitor their treatment progress.  They are also on hand to provide face-to-face consultations in response to emergent issues and concerns.

It is this dedication to regional patients that drove Dr Pandey to become involved in the Far North Queensland Tele-Oncology Project.  Initially funded for three years, this project provides low risk cancer patients in Cooktown, Weipa and in the Torres Straits with the opportunity to receive ongoing oncology treatments in their own communities without the need to complete the arduous and costly travel required to get to Cairns. This project has changed many patient’s lives as they are able to conduct their lives with more normality and not have to schedule their entire lives around accessing cancer treatments.  Dr Pandey is particularly proud of this project.